What do your elements say about you: Brand Elements

Awareness, recognition, recall, brand image, and many other concepts related to brand management are built-in based on who you are, who your brand is… and how it is composed! Elements are essential to building a solid brand that creates awareness.

What are brand elements?

Brand elements are trademarkable items that help identify any brand and differentiate them from others. These elements also help brand recognition, generate awareness, and brand associations as positive brand feelings.

Which are the brand elements?

Several brand elements conform to the brand as a whole. Let’s analyze each one of them:

  • Brand name: the brand’s actual name, the word (or combination of words) that represent the brand like it. This element should be easy to remember, meaningful, likable, transferable to more or different products or locations, adaptable, and protectable legally and competitively speaking.
  • URLs: the actual domain name
  • Logos & Symbols: images that help to build brand awareness. Could this be a name? Yes! A word with distinctive typography can be the logo of your brand. Some designs tend to become symbols.
  • Characters: animated characters that take on real-life human attitudes. You can introduce these characters in advertising and make them play a central role in campaigns. Benefit? They can last forever, as they never get old.
  • Spokespeople: real humans that become the true face of your brand.
  • Slogans:  short phrase. Overarching message for the brand. It is also introduced in advertising.
  • Taglines: a phrase that is specific to a marketing campaign or message.
  • Jingles: musical combinations that help brand recall, therefore increasing brand awareness. They can be a combination of musical notes or have something sung.
  • Packaging: wrap or container for your product. Must be identifiable with the brand, help differentiate the product from others.
  • Signage: builds on the brand image, is a differentiation that generates visibility.

Example? Let’s see McDonald’s

There is a lot to think about when creating your own brand, most of these elements are present in your brand book and should be used as created in each application. Brand element consistency will help you build and maintain your brand awareness. Be smart, be creative and you’ll rock your brand.

I hope you liked today’s “Let’s talk about…” topic; I look forward to reading your comments and positions about it!

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