Researching for your career

What is market research?

Market research is the process in which marketers gather information. This process involves the designing of the research, the collection of information, the analysis, and finally the report of the results and insights. In other words, is the collection of information and data that will help marketers understand and acknowledge what their customers think, why they act as they act, and what they expect of your product or brand.

Why is important to businesses?

Understanding your consumers is essential to succeed in every business. Knowing what they want and how they want it helps you develop and deliver the best product or brand. Having the right information will help businesses to choose the right path. Knowing in time what to change will probably save your business from failure. Segmentation, repositioning, getting to know the competition, cost reduction, awareness, usage, promotion, prices, and much more other information is extremely important to have if you want your business to survive.

What can you, as a marketer, do with research data?

There is a lot you can do with data that will help you maintain your role as a marketing leader. Data will help you make the right decisions when needed. Data will clarify problems and detect opportunities. Identify what is happening with your competitors or with your customers, if there are changes or new products or trends. Understand how to attract new customers, how to position your brand or product so as to be the best alternative among alternatives. Help your brand to outstand, to have a competitive advantage.

Consider research when integrating a marketing team, do not trust that all the information is given from inside of your company, there is much more rich data outside that can and will help you and your business to succeed.

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