Project management

Why is important?

Projects are activities that are set to be done in a specific moment, to achieve a certain goal. Applicating knowledge, tools, skills, and techniques will make the project evolve and finally create a product, a service, or a specific pre-settled result.

Which are the phases?

Initiation: concept presentation. Who, how, to whom, at what time, how much? All of these questions are part of the first phase of project management.

Planning: creating schedules, timing, costs, resources, teams, getting approvals, and defining methodology is part of this second phase. Analyzing and considering risks like technological, market, financial or organizational risks.

Production or execution: Project execution, materializing, and applicating the project in the organization.

Monitoring or controlling: monitor project execution, see what is functioning and what it is not. Identify those that are not working, resolve problems. Consider feedback and be flexible to adapt to a new environment.

Closing: complete the job, close the project and evaluate outcomes.

Be the best project manager

Being the head of a project is not an easy task, but there are skills that a project manager must have to be the perfect person for the role:

Be a team leader.

Be time and budget effective.

Meet your KPIs.

Keep your team members motivated.

Have good communicative skills.

Know how and when to delegate.

Be accountable.

Consider reviewing these characteristics when pursuing a project leadership role, so you can be the best when the time comes.

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