Listening to your audience

Social Media Listening is the process of identifying and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative information on what was said about one or several targets on the internet. Through this, you can monitor how your brand is perceived or performing in a special audience at a specific time. Also, social media listening can help your brand be aware of what trends are rising in between cultures, that can be taken and used as beneficial information for your new products or strategies.

What can you obtain with Social Media Listening?

Watch this video to deep dive into the SML concept

There are many different softwares or tools that give you access to this information defining the best depends on your business, budget, experience, and product. No matter which tool or platform you use, the success path is to do it.
Nurturing your brand with this tool is key to achieving better goals and creating trending and durable products. I hope you liked today’s “Let’s talk about…” topic; I look forward to reading your comments and positions about it! If you want to read more about Marketing Insights and beyond, visit letstalkabout.tips

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