Mistakes, Women, kitchens and… burgers!

Oh yeah, put all of that in a blender and today’s topic it what you’ll get.

Let’s start from the beginning, a conversation or a message exchange. We do know how does this works, right? There is a sender, a message, a channel and a receiver, and some noise. Simple as that, or not that simple.

Communication models

Let’s go deep in how this message exchanges works:

The sender has an idea, based on the need of communication of a specific intention. The sender formulates this idea, in its head, or paper, or computer… but he gives the idea a form and encodes it, hopefully in the best way to do it so it’s easily understandable. This encoded idea turns to be the message, that goes through a channel and “arrives” to our second entity: the receiver. The receiver receives the message and decodes it, he does this with all his personal view (feelings, perception of life, global contemporary issues or trends, etc.) and then is when he understands the message. Hopefully this coincides with what the sender wanted to communicate.

And here is where optimal communication happens, or not.

Burger time!

Should we go back to women and burgers? There is a fast-food restaurant chain that has a very good idea to help solve a world problematic: only 20% of chefs in the world are women. This is why they decide they could help subsidizing culinary careers for women and, by doing this, change the gender ratio in the restaurant industry. Sounds good, right? To do this they need to tell people that they are launching this new program, they need to get people’s attention, so they create a message that is intended to outstand from any other and then be well-received by its audience.

So, the sender creates this:

Burger King Campaign, UK

Oh, I think now might be a good moment to mention that is 2021, and some (perhaps a lot) cultural statements are being demolished, people are fighting for rights, for inclusion, for dignity. Fighting this. Almost forget, its March 8th, does this rings a bell?

It is in this context, worldwide context, that the receiver it’s hitted by this outline, or this tweet.

Does it call the receiver attention? It certainly does, let’s give a point to the sender for this. But… what happens next? The receiver takes this message, mixed it with his personal feelings, the social movements, the cultural revolutions taking place now and… rejects it. Do women belong in the kitchen?

Definitely there is a good intention or idea in giving scholarships to promote inclusion and equity. But is the moment to use this kind of message?

I believe you all want to know what the audience thought about it, well let’s say it was a very long list of reply’s to that tweet, and not as kind and nice as the company expected them to be.

Long story short, the company had to delete the tweet, and put out the campaign. And apologize, of course.

Long story short, the company had to delete the tweet, and put out the campaign. And apologize, of course.

Burger King Tweet.

It is incredibly easy to make it wrong, but it’s easy too to make it right. You have to consider the consumers behaviors, its psychology, the worlds or nations context before creating a message, so as to procure it will be decoded, interpreted and understanded the way you want to be done.

Hope you liked today’s “Let’s talk about…” topic, I look forward to reading your comments and positions about it and why not, other examples!

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