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The importance of storytelling

There is something I once read, can’t remember where, that said “People don’t have 30 seconds to be interrupted, but they have 30 minutes to listen to a good story”. I really liked this statement which I totally agree with. It’s true that if you have something good to say, that’s attractive, engaging and captivating, you assure yourself that people will be paying attention and listening. So here is the key of storytelling.

What does Storytelling implays?

Feeling identified, touched, moved, engaged, flattered or the simple fact that something makes you laugh, is crucial to captivate people’s attention when hearing a story. For example, if you feel identified or captivated with something someone is saying, you will probably pay more attention than if you don’t. Telling a good story is not that easy, and has many aspects that could be considered to reach that special connection with your target audience. Being clear in what we are communicating, in a clear sequence, trying to touch emotions, feelings, personal experiences and by this, engaging your audience is the key to success.

I believe you are wondering when does the beer appears? Right here.

Quilmes Brewery, which has a big presence in Argentina and positions itself as the beer of the Argentinians, has a good bunch of examples of great storytelling in their TV ads. Actually, they used to outstand for their TV commercials.

Their line was always to connect with Argentinian culture, music, lifestyle, using the humor factor about how Argentinian’s are. Generating this kind of ads, emphasizing the Argentinian personality in one way or another, makes them feel identified and, in a way, a part of it.

Want to see more?

Here we can watch some of them, there are really a lot that can be found on the Quilmes YouTube account, but let me recommend you some special ones:

Gente del mundo

Garcia Gonzalez

Quilmes, For Export

Dale alegria, alegria

Most of these tv commercials, and in my opinion, the best of them, used to take place when the Soccer World Cups were coming. Soccer is the most popular and known sport in Argentina, and when the country team plays any game, all the population, no matter their social status or political view, get together into the same fanatism and excitement. Quilmes understood this fact and took advantage of this feelings when making their commercial in World Cup season.  They talk about how the Argentine population supports the team, how they honor their players…

Quilmes nailed their objectives of perception, awareness and value. Firstly, the company gets the engagement by talking about something common in Argentina (World Cup, some special Argentinian cultures or way of acting, popular songs, summer season coming). Secondly it generates the awareness, people talking about the commercial, singing the song and positioning the brand as the local friendly beer to take with friends and family. They generate value, people recognize their excellent commercials and look forward to see what’s coming next.

Want even more?

There are other big companies that are excellent in telling stories, in attracting their target audience and beyond. Some of them are TYC sports, The Walt Disney Company, Coca Cola or Publix. If you want to entertain yourself for some time, go into their YouTube accounts and have some fun, enjoy watching excellent filming productions, love them, hate them, laugh and in some cases… you may cry.

Hope you liked today’s “Let’s talk about…” topic, I look forward to reading your comments!

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