Goals when telling a story

Talking, writing, communicating with images, singing, and any other communication form has a goal, an objective. A message is created out of an idea, or concept and its goal are to be received and understood by another person. The content of this message is a very important part of the communication between two parties: WHAT WE SAY.

What we say

The content, what the message is filled in with, is very important in a communication process. That song is sung, that text is written, that speech is pronounced, that images that are played, or those words that are told: every part and element form the content of a message. A message that is built to be transmitted from one point to another.


There can be a million intentions, objectives, or goals from communication. You may want to evoke an emotion, to entertain, to attract, to motivate, and so much more. But for marketers, we can group these purposes and end with four communication goals: Inform, Remind, Persuade, Connect.

Let’s take a quick sneak peek into them:

Inform: Provide information, easily understandable by the audience. Remind: keep a concept in your audience’s minds, it could be a brand or a special feature or attribute. Persuade: convince your audience on taking a specific action or think in a specific way, have the desired effect. Connect: with your audience and connect your audiences in between, build community.

How to connect what we say with the goals

The connection between the content of the message and the goal a marketer has is based on the importance of storytelling. Successful storytelling is related to successful outcomes. The story that it’s told has to be aligned with the intention of what you want to say, with your final goal. It has to be intended and oriented to that final goal. How to tell the story is important too. Marketers should figure out what they say and how they say it, to reach their objectives. Storytelling is about all of this: it’s about finding the perfect words, sounds, images, rhythm, but also about finding the perfect person or media.

Some stories told by some specific person or speeches given by reliable people will have more influence than others than are not.

Constructing the message, creating the story, selecting the right elements and media will turn to a successful outcome that would probably reach the marketer’s goals. Informing, reminding, persuading, and connecting to or with your audience is essential when creating content. Keep in mind your final goal and create a good story that meets the objective’s needs. Take the time to think and overthink what you are saying, connect it to how you are saying it, and create the perfect story for the perfect audience.

If you want to discover more about Storytelling or see some examples click here.

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