From data to data

What are data points?

Raw information. Numbers, tables, graphs without analysis. Just information with no actual actionable meaning. Information that reflects one particular event in a particular moment but that cannot be taken as a representation of a whole group.

What are data insights?

The analyzed data, the information that you can take from numbers, tables, graphics. The statements you can build by just observing and cross-checking numbers or graphs. Conclusions.

Context, segments, questions and, end goals are part of creating data insights. Involving more than one data point will give you more diverse and rich information.

What can you, as a marketer, do with this data?

The first thing you must do is transform data points into data insight. The clue of understanding results and numerical information is in how you can transform this into real actionable statements that are useful to your business.  Data points will give you just numbers and graphics that can be nice to see but is information that has to be rediscovered.

As a marketer is important to know how to re-discover these points, graphics, and numbers and to see what this means, how can this information tell you something about your business, how can you use this information to transform, and make grow your business, or just take the right decision at the right time.

Be smart, be insightful, do not keep charts without real and actionable outcomes. Take the next step, go further. This ‘data transformation’ will make you outstand.

Hope you liked today’s “Let’s talk about…” topic, I look forward to reading your comments and positions about it! If you want to know more about marketing research, check this post!

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