Emotion or average? Motivation or percentage? Opinion or numbers?

These questions may lead you to define what kind of research you need in order of what your objective is. There are two different data collection types: Quantitative and Qualitative.

Quant vs. Qual

Quantitative research is the collection of data that will give you numbers, averages, or percentages as a result. Obtains precise information that can be generalizable from a sample of your population. This information is statistically analyzed and is more structured in its collection. It is more helpful in a confirmatory phase.

Qualitative research is defined by research that gives you more deep information, questions are open-ended tan try to reach emotions, opinions, or motivational facts. This information can give you some reality view, make you discover why someone acts in a determined situation. This kind of research is recommended for an exploratory phase.

Both types of research are special and good in their specialty. Depending on your objective you might fall for one or another, but the truth is that you can also combine them to have more global feedback of what your audience thinks.


Questions make the difference

There are some questions that are better suited to one or another type of data collection, so let’s go deep in this and compare them:

How many?

Which one?

How often?

How much?

What proportion?

What percentage?

What frequency?

From 1 to 10…how likely are you…?

Questions are destined to be answered in numbers or scales.  E.i online survey.

What kind?


How does this make you feel?

Tell me about…

How would you define…?

What is it like to…?

Questions are destined to be answered in experiences, opinions, emotions, or stories. Looking for unexpected answers. E.i. In-depth interview or focus group.

Your objective leads the path

Answers to each of these listed questions would lead the researcher to a specific conclusion, it depends on what main objective the researcher has, and in which kind of phase the researcher is, that this question will help him explore or confirm a study. Do not be afraid to explore both types of research and their different formats but be always aware of your main objective, it will help you find the way.

Hope you liked today’s “Let’s talk about…” topic, I look forward to reading your comments and positions about it!

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