Do you open all the advertising e-mails that you receive? Do you open some of them? Do you open ANY of them?

Here is the key. People do open advertising e-mails, but the number of people who do increments abysmally if the subject is personalized or has some keyword that hooks their attention.

And here is the success of e-mail marketing: good timing and attractive subject give (hopefully) you the Open Rate you need. Now you have them in your space and it’s time to retain them and make them take an action.

What do they know?

What’s the main advantage of direct marketing? you probably know -almost- everything of your customer. So let’s use this in your favor! Take advantage of what you know, and consider this to make an attractive e-mail with a more attractive subject and send it at the perfect timing.

What is even best? You can measure pretty much everything when sending an e-mail:

If they actually receive it, if they open it, read it, click on it, make a purchase through it, or even if they unsubscribe to your mailing list.

The main difficulty of these is to obtain and build your database of customers. This customer list is not just the names and e-mails of your consumers, you can have much more information about them. This kind of information can be related to past transactions, cookies that led you to previous searches, date of birth, etc.

Almighty Database: how they know what they know?

Cookies, transaction history, surveys, searches, interests; all and each one of these actions nurture and perfectionates the database of a company.

For example, when talking about airlines database, there is a lot of information they have:

Where and when did you travel, how many days, in which class, alone or with family, work or pleasure, where do you live, if you prefer day travel or night travel, etc. All this information makes the company create a special marketing campaign almost for each customer. If they know that you use to make short trips every 3 months, they will offer this kind of trip when the time comes. If your buying behavior indicates that you buy all of your year trips in march, they will be when you receive the special offers you need.

Lets put some more ingredients in our database blender

Imagine if you can add statistics, analysis, and predictive models to this database information: BOOM! You got exactly what you need.

You may group your customers by the same interests or buying attitude. Predict what kind of product they might want and present it to them.

You may define which customer should receive which promotion, and by this, don’t give more discount to customers that are willing to pay more for your product or service.

You can revive those customers that were lost.

You can make your customer feel special, and increase brand loyalty.

Benefits are many, the key is to understand your customers, their desires, and their previous attitudes, and take advantage of this.

E-mail marketing is not only about sending e-mails, is the efficient use of all the information the company has of their customers to achieve a successful goal.

Hope you liked today’s “Let’s talk about…” topic, I look forward to reading your comments and positions about it!

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