Data and its importance

Knowing your audience

Marketers always will need to understand their audience so as to reach their communication goal. Understanding your audience is not only knowing them, who they are, and how they act. It’s more than that, it’s knowing and understanding why they do what they do at the time they do it. Having this information, this data will surely help communication be more effective in its outcome, and hopefully, make the desired action to happen.

Let’s go deep into this, there are five different types of data that could group all the information we can get of our customers or potential customers: Technographic data, Geographic data, Contextual data, Intent data, and Behavioral data.

What kind of data belongs to what group?

Technographic data is defined by the type of device the user is using and the browser in it, for example, if he/she is searching for some data in google chrome in his/her smartphone or computer.

Geographic data, where is the person located when accessing a determined website or social media platform, is given by the IP address of the device.

Contextual data, where specific information is located on the internet, the page, and data that is surrounding the information that is searched.

Intent data gives the idea of in what stage of a conversion funnel our customer might be if it’s in the awareness stage or in deep action and conversion. This information is given by the search terms and keywords the customer or potential customer is searching for.

Behavioral data, it’s a compilation of behavioral history that a person has when navigating the internet. This type of data information is purchased from data vendors.

Benefits of information

Information is power. The more you know, the more you can specify your communication to be as assertive as possible. Information, if well managed, leads your business to success. All of this data mentioned before, combined, will give you the right information to make your marketing decisions.

Hope you liked today’s “Let’s talk about…” topic, I look forward to reading your comments and positions about it!

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