Celebrity or influencer?

Are all the celebrities influencers or all the influencers celebrities? Let’s get deep in this differentiation and understand what will work best for your communicational campaign.

In today’s digital world there are many platforms in which communities are built, but there are several social media platforms that are primarily dominated by influencers: Instagram is by far the most used by both influencers and celebrities, followed by personal blogs, then YouTube and Facebook. All of these platforms are dominated by two types of personalities: Celebrities and Influencers.

What is a celebrity?

Some years ago, we could define a celebrity as someone that became famous through other channels but social media, the more traditional ones: TV, Radio, Cinema or Magazines. Celebrities can be defined as personalities that did not arise from social media platforms but are dominant in followers, starting at 7 M. Celebrities are mostly entertainers, actors, musicians, writers, or athletes.

What is an influencer?

Influencers appeared on (and with) social media platforms. They emerge from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, etc. and gained followers through time. Today, influencers have between 25K to 7 M followers. Influencers may have started as niche content creators, and with time this brought them followers who like or feel attracted by this niche.

People follow other people that they like. They follow people that inspire them, inform them in subjects that matter to them. People feel identified with others, feel similar, or aspire to have others’ life. There are a lot of reasons why people decide to follow other people on social media. Influencers are personalities that create some kind of community that follows them, and they are, in a way an opinion leader. They appear to be more friendly and ‘easy connectable’ for their followers.  Influencers are more likely to have the ability to influence their communities to buy or use a specific product or service.


Micro-Influencers are regular people that have not-so-much followers but may be specialized in a specific niche and become experts on it. They are stronger in their specific matter, and seriously ‘listened’ by their followers. In general, they have from 1K to 25k followers.

Which one is the best option for your marketing campaign?

Depending on the type of campaign (local, worldwide; low cost or wide budget; type of product or service, etc) it will be better to use a celebrity or an influencer. Although some influencer seems to be ‘cheaper’ or easy to work with than celebrities, there are some challenges a marketer face when working with them: Communication during a campaign, management of third-party content creation, negotiations, finding relevant influencers, lack of control over messages.

Decide based on what your end game is, keep in mind who do you want to reach, how will you reach them, what do you want to communicate and, which is your budget. These four elements will help you decide if you need a celebrity or an influencer (or a mix of both) for your next marketing campaign.

Hope you liked today’s “Let’s talk about…” topic, I look forward to reading your comments and positions about it! If you want to know more about marketing insights, check this post!

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